Behind every bottle is a story…

What you see pictured above are approximately 140 bottles of beer. Most of them are empty bottles. What you see is approximately one third of all the beer bottles that I have on the wall. Each one has a story behind it.

Some of them, particularly those on the bottom shelf, have appeared in the beer tasting notes on this site and represent the efforts of particular breweries. The beer bottles above them also appeared in the tasting notes but were of particular interest. The third shelf up is where the “gone but not forgotten” breweries are represented. And on the top shelf is where the big bottles live. (Most of them are 750 mL or larger and represent social occasions and were shared because even a professional can’t taste just one or two ounces and pour the rest of a bottle that size down the drain.) There are half a dozen it still contained beer. I can assure you that they were kept not for the beer but for the bottle. One of the more interesting full containers is a can of Old Frothingslosh, “The pale stale ale with the head on the bottom.” The other one is a bottle of Miller clear beer… No more needs to be said about that.

After more than 25 years of writing about beer, sampling beer, tasting beer and drinking beer the souvenirs are a bit impressive.

Over the next few months, every Tuesday morning, I will take down a bottle of particular interest and tell you the story behind it.

Sit back and relax… I have over 400 bottles to choose from.