Tuesday, 12 July 2011, was a blisteringly hot day. The sun baked the hard edges of Manhattan’s buildings, sidewalks and streets. Nevertheless, I had a story to cover. It was a story of a restaurant with a brewery in the cellar, so I was told on my first visit. The beverage I sampled the first time was a cloudy but refreshingly tart brew that was able to slake a thirst quickly. But that’s been covered before… click to refresh your memory.

This time I had the luxury of having a volunteer photographer and videographer, Ginalola Lowry, available to record the return visit and interview with Chef/Brewer Anderson Sant’anna De Lima.

Since the first posting about this unique pairing of brewery and restaurant the good folks at the public relations agency representing the establishment, have been kind enough to provide all the vital statistical data without my having to ask. This is what they tell me…

“508 GastroBrewery Now Serves Only Beers Brewed On Premises/ 508 Chef Is Also Head Brewer

New York, NY, July 2011 The beers are ready. The taps are installed and pouring. 508GastroBrewery is now exclusively serving the premium beers brewed in-house by its Co-Chef and Head Brewer, Anderson Sant’anna De Lima. This popular West Soho spot at 508 Greenwich Street (212-219-2444, www.508nyc.com, formerly known as 508 Restaurant & Bar) is only one of a few restaurants in all of Manhattan serving beer that is brewed on the premises!

Anderson began brewing about two years ago, in an unused storeroom off 508’s downstairs kitchen prep room. Putting to use the knowledge he had absorbed from a lifelong fascination with home brews, and applying his chef’s versatility with grains, hops, and adjuncts, Anderson soon had a respectable repertoire of top-notch beers. The response from friends, fellow brewers, and customers was uniformly positive. In July 2011, the decision to serve only the beers made at 508 was made, and the name 508 GastroBrewery now proudly adorns the menus.”


The following is an eight minute and fourteen seconds long video of most of my interview with Chef/Brewer Anderson Sant’anna De Lima.

We cover how he got started brewing home-brewed beers, studied and brewed for two years before getting to where he is today, his own beers served in his own restaurant.

Here is how the interview went…