Genesee Brewing Co. 445 Saint Paul St. Rochester, New York, 14605 United States 585-546-1030585-546-1030 dba Strangford Lough Brewing Co. 22 Shore Rd Killyleagh, BT30 9UE United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) 028 4482Preface: Once again I am diving into the deepest darkest recesses of the refrigerator. Once again I find a beer brewed specially for a particular event. In this case it’s for St. Patrick’s Day 2010, and the Genesee Brewing Company teamed up with the Strangford Lough Brewing Co. to produce and distribute this product. After all, on St. Patrick’s Day we can all be Irish for at least one day.

The origin of the name of the beer can be found on the back label on the bottle: “Saint Patrick set sail for Ireland in 432 A.D., landing initially at Denver day, County Wicklow and then in Strangford Lough at the Valley of Raholp. He converted the local chieftain Dichu to Christianity, building his first church that Saul. Returning to Slemish, the scene of his captivity, he made Armagh the primacy of the Christian church in Ireland.”

Other important information includes it is “Product of USA. Crafted from barley grown in St. Patrick’s country.” The label also notes that the alcohol content is 4.2% by volume.

Appearance: This brew is a deep almost red copper penny amber colored beverage with lively carbonation that bills a very Rocky head of tiny and large bubbles that form a rather quickly descending lattice a very light Sandy Brown color.

Aroma: The first impression is toasted sweet grainy aroma. The second visit introduced hints of caramel, and dark sugar candy. The third nosedive gathers a few more notes of roasted malt.

Flavor: The first refreshing swallow introduces a very light malt sweetness that builds gradually, very slowly, into a comfortable caramel. The second sip finds a toasted biscuit dryness that is most comfortable. The third swig this refreshing and allows the taste receptors to cruise along unchallenged by any sharp hop sensations.

Mouth feel: This is a slim bodied beer.

Finish: The brief refreshing finish to this beer follows the example of the less than aggressive aromas and flavors.

Comments: the overall impression this beer leaves is a friendly one. On a crisp spring summer afternoon, anticipating the discarding of winter lethargy, this beer would be a welcome refreshment. The fact that it’s alcohol content is only 4.2% by volume in my estimation elevates it into the ranks of the “session beers”. These tasty beverages, although relatively low alcohol content, are excellent beverages choice when long and interesting conversations are accompanied by light snacks.

Due to the fact that this beer is about three months old I can only say that it survived well.

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