Yesterday afternoon the folks at a beer bar called The Blind Tiger featured a selection of beers and ales brewed and kegged in Vermont. Almost half of their over twenty tap lines featured a guest beer.

On the advise of the owner, Dave Brodrick, and based on fond memories of a visit to the alchemist, I ordered a Farmers Daughter.

The following is a rendering of the tasting notes for that brew:

This is a Saison-style brew with a first aromatic impression that is faint with only a little head to promote the aromatics. The second impression brought out a hint of apple and lemon. The third aromatic impression, accompanied by the first sip, revealed a citric tang of orange and lemon. There was also a slight bubble-gum flavor that quickly dissipated. The second sip brought out a hint of banana and a full body. The third swallow left a clean and almost crisp aftertaste with a dry finish.

And that my friends is how the Farmers Daughter tasted at The Blind Tiger at 1616 hours on Wednesday the twenty third day of the month of February in the year 2011.