Chef Martin Picard is the chef/owner of Au Pied De Cochon (The Pigs Foot), in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Pictured above is the signature dish and, barely visible and un-branded, a mug of the house pale ale. Considering it was the last week of May and the temperature was in the 80’sF this was a daunting serving of food.

Nevertheless I persevered and attacked both the meal and the beer with equal gusto. It was a good plan to enjoy the meal slowly with much conversation and plenty refreshing ale. The latter deserves special mention. If my memory, and a little research, serves me well, McAuslan is the brewery commissioned by Chef Picard to provide refreshing ale that could be suggested as a beverage of choice with almost all the dishes on the menu. If not steamed or sautéed, most of the dishes are cooked in the huge brick oven that is the centerpiece of the open kitchen. This calls for a brew that is tasty, and yet refreshing at the same time to complement the range of dishes, from fish to fois gras.

This dish involved simmering the pig’s feet in pork stock until the bones slip from the meat. The little, well not so little, fellows are stuffed and, after a visit to the hot oven they are served plated with a serving of the house mashed potatoes and a “croustillant” of more pig foot.

The house ale is served chilled and is both refreshing and blends with the rich flavors of this dish due to a malty flavor that is not shy, and an extra touch of pallet-cleansing hops.

Together the ale and the meal provided a memorable experience that I have placed on my “Bucket List”… Amen.