Pictured above is a dish comprised of beef skirt steak, rare, with herb butter, roasted asparagus, and roasted potatoes with onions.

Tradition tells us at the beverage of choice served with this dish should be slightly sweet and full flavored to accompany the flavors of the meat. A hint of hops would be helpful in accenting the roasted asparagus. A full-bodied beer would make the potatoes happy. That is what tradition tells us…

On a hot summer Sunday afternoon the idea of a heavy full-bodied beer to accompany this dish was seriously questioned. The House red wine was considered but the alfresco dining demanded a beer. And plus, the choice was made. Actually, the choice was limited to one beer, Hoegaarden, served almost ice-cold. As it turned out it was a good choice for a number of reasons.

First of all it was refreshing. Next, the slightly acidic flavor helped to reduce the richness of the butter and beefsteak. The slightly spicy flavor of the beer was a refreshing counterpoint to the particular flavor of the asparagus and the roasted, slightly caramelized, flavor of the potatoes.

Did I mention it was refreshing?