Essential flavors and textures are necessary to understand when suggesting a Pilsner style lager beer as a beverage of choice with the basic iceberg lettuce salad. It must be noted that the wedge of iceberg lettuce has been dressed with a combination of blue cheese, bacon and diced tomatoes in a vinaigrette dressing.

Why would a Pilsner style lager beer be a good choice for this salad? What is the beverage being asked to do? The crisp iceberg lettuce is slightly sweet, the dressing ads a touch of acid, and the cheese and bacon rich notes as well as toothsome textures to contrast with the lettuce.

This means the beverage must be refreshing, not too sweet, with carbonation to brighten the acid of the vinaigrette, and a slightly rich malty flavor to encourage the flavors of the bacon in the cheese. Dark beer carries too much flavor. Bitter or sour beer would be affected by the flavors of the cheese and bacon.

What is most important is the beverage must be refreshing.