Why braised Lamb Shanks go with Guinness Stout…

Braised Lamb Shanks, served with sautéed bitter greens, and mashed potatoes is a seasonal dish especially enjoyed in the wintertime.

In this case, the Lamb Shanks were braised in a tomato-based sauce, the bitter greens were sautéed lightly oiled kale, and the potatoes were smashed red skin new potatoes.

The falling-off-the bone meat was naturally slightly sweet to the taste. The tomato-based sauce was not acidic. The sautéed bitter greens were refreshing in contrast to the slightly sweet flavors mentioned before. There was more than just a touch of butter in the potatoes.

The enjoyment of all of these flavors was enhanced by the beverage of choice, a pint of Guinness export Stout.

The deep roasted barley flavor gave a richness to the sweet flavor of the meat. The slightly dry finish of the Guinness gave a rich complement to the potatoes. The very slight hop touch in that same finish found a friend in the flavors of the bitter greens.

It can only be imagined the influence on the final flavors of this dish if Guinness had been used in the braising sauce.