Left to right: Dogfish Head Master Brewer Floris Delee, Dr. Patrick Mc Govern and Sam Calagione

Last night, at the Discovery Times Square King Tut Exhibition, Sam Calagione had a first taste of “ta henket” brew.

“ta henket” is based on a recipe deduced from an investigation of beer and brewing in Egypt, over 6,000 years ago, documented by the Discovery Channel as part of their Brew Masters programming.

The brew is the result of relics found by Dr. Patrick Mc Govern, Dogfish Head Master Brewer Floris Delee and Sam Calagione. Dr. McGovern’s research in molecular archeology at the University of Pennsylvania was the basis for determining the basic ingredients of the brew. The next step was a trip to Egypt for hands-on research that involved hieroglyphics, and gathering indigenous micro flora and yeast. (All of this recorded for the Discovery Channel presentation.

The following are my tasting notes:

Appearance: Light straw-colored slightly opaque brew with a bit of carbonation and a loosely knit head of off-white foam built from medium to small bubbles.

Aroma: A citric tang was the first impression, and then a sweeter note introduced an herbal base. The second impression was slightly more herbal.

Mouth feel: For a brew of 5% abv there was lightness to the body that was not unpleasant or unanticipated after the aromatics.

Flavor: The first impression was a flavor of oregano. The second sip brought up a citric touch. The third sip was an interesting balance between the two with an accent on the oregano.

Finish: There was a dry note that left a refreshing sensation. No hops here…

Note: Sam told us that they used an herbal mix called Za’atar (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zaatar ) and coriander.