The Fourth of July Beer of 2010 was… Pabst Blue Ribbon in 12 oz. cans, on ice.

Here is how the decision was made.

As I was standing in front of an open cold box that stretched half a city block long, stacked with cases of canned beer, my mind returned to its “Happy Place”…

For some reason, this time it went to the slate and field-stone front porch of the house where I spent my teen-age years. Sheltered by three two story tall cedar trees, it was a refreshing refuge from the slate covered two-story, Tudor-style, non-air-conditioned dwelling that it was attached too. For additional comfort a Pawleys Island rope hammock was strung on a green aluminum frame. (Should the folks be out of town and a cooler filled with equal parts canned Pabst Blue Ribbon beer and ice cubes in easy reach of my hammock haven, there was no better place on earth.) It was a happy place…

That is where my mind landed when a “happy place” was needed at 1400 on 4 July 2010, standing in front of more brands of beer than I could count. I actually made an effort to do that but gave up half way down the length of the cold box. Instead, I focused in on the “suitcase” of the familiar Pabst Blue Ribbon logo and told my beer-brain to go on vacation.

Later, less than fifteen minutes later, handing one to the cook and then taking the first sip from the ice cold can in my own hands, I knew I had made the perfect choice of beer.

True genius!