One of the advantages of living here in Brooklyn, NY is the access to some of the best beer brewed in the United States and Canada.

I am not saying that Brooklyn Brewery is the best.

The day I find the best of anything will be the saddest day in my life. The search will be over and the thrill of the hunt crushed in the grist mill of reality. However, the reality of the best ever being found is so remote that my fears are left in the trouble basket near the door.

That noted, my point is more to the selection of bars, taverns, bodegas, cafes, and other food and beverage retailers that cater to established distinct neighborhoods that reflect as many diverse cultures as there are in the world.

It is said that there are actually more languages spoken in Brooklyn than in the rest of the world because in a few communities there are folks old enough to have spoken languages that are no longer spoken in their native land.

Those cultures that treasure beer as essential to the good life are represented in the mélange that is Brooklyn, NY. Thus the lagers of Latin and Central America, Western and Southern Africa, and the Caribbean are readily available. The golden richer pilsner-style lagers of Germany and the modern nations of the old Bohemian principalities can be found as easily as the selections offered by the Big Three brewers. There is also a real market for United States “craft” beers that might be the largest in North America.

(So, why are there only one brewpub and three “craft” breweries in all of New York City?)

Knowing all of this I react as anyone in my position would do. Since the cook-out is Sunday and today is Friday I will make a note to “Get beer for cook-out from the wholesaler on Court Street tomorrow.”

And now I will enjoy the rest of a truly beautiful morning…

Stay tuned for more in the search for the ideal beer for a summer cook-out…