Now that I know the venue (outdoor cook-out in a country environment with a swimming pool), the menu (grilled chopped meat, sausages of beef and pork, chicken parts and the salads and condiments traditional to a cook out), and need (a case of 12 oz. canned beer), all that is left to do is choose a retailer, purchase it and get it to the event.

Did you ever think that choosing a case of beer was so involved?

The parameters to the choice of retailer are accessibility, choices of products and a significant range of price points available. In other words… how much trouble to go get, select and pay for the beer? Here in Brooklyn, within ten city blocks, there are two dozen small groceries, three beverage distributors, and three specialty shops that stock beer in cans.

Most of the small groceries are owned by first or second generation immigrants and are supplied by one or two beverage wholesalers. This limits the selection to products that are fast movers because of major media advertising and promotion. However, in cases of one reason or another, a real beer bargain can be had. A quick scan of a dozen cold boxes or so might result in finding a six of a canned Colorado brew.

For the present that will remain a possibility in my decision-making process. A “sure kill” is what I am looking for. I seek a nearby retailer with a huge selection and a range of prices from a few dollars for a “suitcase” to a four-pack that costs $100.00(US) a “case” of four.

There is one particular retailer that probably fits that description exactly.

Stay tuned, it’s a beauty of a day so I’m on our way…