Angle City Brewing,
Torrance, CA (USA)

Preface: This is the second of a series of four brews bottled by Angle City.

Appearance: A deep dark red garnet colored brew with plenty of carbonation. It is topped with a sandy tan colored head of small to medium bubbles that fall leaving a good Belgian lace.

Aroma: First impression is a coffee/caramel aroma. The second take turned into a prune/coffee sensation. The final take confirmed the second impressions.

Mouth feel: This is not a big bodied brew. However, it is no light-weight either.

Flavor: A wall of roasted malt hits you first, followed by a speed-bump of hops. The second go around revealed a bit of prune and then some bitterness from the shy hops. Finally the third sip leaves you convinced that there are a few layers to both the prune notes and the deep roast of the barley.

Finish: This brew, as noted in the Mouth Feel notes, is no heavy-weight and the flavors that linger leave quickly and cleanly.

Comments: Recent tastings have been served a bit warm. The temperature that this brew was served probably could have been on the colder side. However, being a dark lager with 5.7% alcohol by volume, it would not be at its best served chilled to 40F or so. I believe that this would make a fine session beer on a brisk autumn or crisp spring afternoon. A soul soothing macaroni and cheese would be the perfect pairing.

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