Angel City Brewing Company

Torrance, CA (USA)


This is the second of four bottles sent to me by the folks at Angle City Brewing Company. It has been kept at cellar temperature.

Appearance: A crystal clear, golden, almost burnished bronze brew is topped with a very rocky head of larger and medium sized bubbles that fall slowly into a serious Belgian lace.

Aroma: The first impression is a hint of yeasty bread, but just a hint. The second impression is of cool and refreshing sensations as it takes time to find any striking aromatic. The third round of sensory impression reveals a British biscuit (we call them crackers, the food, not the people) note.

Mouth feel: There is a very full mouth feel here…

Flavor: Between lip and sip there was hint of sweet malted barley before a sharp spike of hops speared the senses and relaxing only slightly to let a bit of toasted malt sweetness appear. The second sip had me looking for an alcohol content… at 6.8% abv it was tasted a lot warmer. The third round went to the traces of bourbon flavor that clung to the rear of the pallet.

Finish: The finish is a last sweet bourbon sensation followed by the lingering sensation of a new mown lawn.

Comments: There is nothing on the bottle label to tell about ingredients, fermenting process or ageing process so my sense of having noticed traces of bourbon might be echoes of memories of listening to “Bird” and drinking way too much bourbon with friends as we solved the problems of the world… as only twenty one year old intellectuals can.

Seriously … I find that the flavors of this brew would be right at home on the table in any high end steak house. It might even be enough of a match for grilled lobster.

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