Today was the easiest day of the tour… just one brewery.

This afternoon it was a visit to The Gilded Otter in New Paltz, NY.

I’ll admit that this was not the first visit to the Otter. Their brews are not only clean and balanced, the staff is knowledgeable enough to be able to make pairing suggestions that make the visit even better.

This time the challenge was pairing one of the brews with their Reese’s Pieces pie… Not surprisingly the choice was their Stout. Although the stout came off a bit dry the combination with the pie was a very good match.

At lunchtime, in the middle of the week the “Otter” has a mix of local business folks, and professors and students from the local college. The outdoor seating is comfortable and the service is friendly and more than adequate.

After three days of traveling and visiting breweries it was time to take a break so it was back to Brooklyn.

Tomorrow you can expect some of the pictures from the places visited: Northampton Brewpub, Jasper Murdock’s, Harpoon (VT), Magic Hat, The Alchemist and the above mentioned Gilded Otter.

Flat Bread, and Opa! Opa! were not visited because they opened at 1600 hours ( 4:00 pm) and did not fit into the travel schedule. Davidson Brothers and The Adirondack Pub & Brewery also fell out of the deck because of timing.

In the end it came to six out of ten and that’s not too bad…

What does this mean?
It means another tour in the near future.


Peter LaFrance