Lochristi, Belgium

This one has been sitting in the fridge for over six months, perhaps a year, and it’s time has come. The brewery is attempting to recreate traditional style brews in a state of the art brewery. To their efforts the following notes will offer impressions of their beer, well cellared.

Appearance: This is a red garnet crystal clear beverage topped with a linen brown, closely knit head of very small bubbles.

Aroma: The first sensation was of fairly sharp sour grape. The second impression reveals the herbaceous undercurrents of citric orange and Clementine.

Mouth feel: The initial mouth feel is pleasantly effervescent, for such a well toned finish. There is no “flab” to this brew.

Flavor: The vinous flavors of sour cherries and grapefruit erupt in a foretaste that slides into a sour tang, ebbing to a recognizable bitter cherry ending

Finish: The sour cherry flavors, accented with citric spikes are not easily forgotten.

Comments: As noted at the beginning of this posting, this brew has had time to rest. At 7% abv it is definitely not the beer I received from these good folks. Lacking notes on the fresh version of this product, the opportunity for comparison has been lost. That said, the resulting rest has rendered a brew that is a perfect match with soft to runny cheeses.


bvba Andelot
Doornzelestraat 20
9080 Lochristi-Hijfte
tel. 00/32/9.356.71.02
fax 00/32/9.356.71.03

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