Jubelale 2008
Deschutes Brewery
Bend, OR (USA)

This bottle has been languishing in my refrigerator almost too long. The emphasis is on almost.
And so I apologize to the good folks at the Deschutes Brewery, in Bend, OR, for not posting this earlier.

Appearance: This almost red brew also has a hint of amber to accent the clear, moderately effervescent beverage. The head was copious and took its time settling down to a fragile desert-tan rocky head of large bubbles.

Aroma: The initial aromatic sensation is of nutty caramel, followed by some citric aromas similar to orange marmalade. Finally there is a dusting of dried hay.

Mouth feel: This is a very “creamy” brew. There is a pronounced, but not evident effervescence that has a surprisingly rich hop flavor behind it. That is to say that this is a savory, rather than bitter flavor that builds. This savory reaction adds to the mouth feel of this brew.

Flavor: The impression between lip and sip is one of that savory sensation of this hop mixture. This prelude is followed by a spike of sweet grain almost immediately squelched by a rush of that savory hop flavor that delivers a fresh herbal flourish that leaves the malt to fight for recognition.

Finish: The particularly fresh sensation of the hop flavors finally recede and in the end leave a lingering lushness on the flavor receptors. A last trace of sweet malt keeps it from becoming astringent.

Comments: I tasted this brew unprompted. That is to say that Deschutes Brewery sent me this product to include in my tasting notes section of BeerBasics.com

Until I find the promotional material that came with this bottle and I am proven totally off the mark, I offer the following observations on this brew.

It will please the hop-heads and still give the rest of us a brew to sip and appreciate. This is not a session beer in my opinion. If pressed by my wine friends (pun intended) I would pass this off as a burgundy-style beverage to be enjoyed with a rib roast or braised beef ribs.

Deschutes Brewery site: http://www.deschutesbrewery.com/splash/default.aspx

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