Deschutes Brewery,
Bend, OR





According to the promotional material that came with this brew, it is “the ultimate in hop innovation.”


What is even more interesting… “Head Brewer Brett Porter says “This is a truly exciting and groundbreaking beer. We reformulated everything about the hop recipe to give Hop Henge an extraordinary aroma and flavor similar to a fresh hop beer (editor’s note).” In addition to the cascade in Centennial hops, Deschutes Brewery is experimenting with a hot variety so new that it has yet to be named.” (Necessity is the mother of invention?) N.B.- 8.75% alcohol by volume (ABV) and 95 international bitterness units (IBU).


This little fellow arrived yesterday. And so, this morning, after reviewing the material that was sent with it, I can issue the following tasting notes are as fresh as they can be.


As soon as you open the bottle and poured a full pint, the aroma of yeast/fresh bread dough is obvious. The burnished bronze brew is topes with a dense but rocky topped light sandy tan head.


Once the pint is made ready for a sip, the aromas of the hops is an experience as close to sticking your head in a hops sack as one can possibly get outside of the fields. That moment between sip and let confirms that this is going to be a very hoppy beverage.


Mouth feel:
The mouth feel seems to end and flow. I’m not too sure whether this has anything to do with a carbonation spike, or the intense hop flavors.


There is one moment, during the flavor experience when the malt flavor piques its head out from where ever it has been hiding. The rest of the time the aria, and chorus, is left to the hops.


There is a not-uncomfortable trace of hop flavor that lingers long past the rest of the flavors and aromas. It is unfamiliar to me but very pleasant.




The promotional material that came with this brew suggests that “Hop Henge is the perfect accompaniment for a variety of spicy foods, so be sure to have a bottle handy next time you make a batch of hot wings and go for the five alarm award. The high octane happiness is a wildly refreshing antidote to a wide variety of hot foods.”


I can find no reason to argue with that.


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