Tailgate Beer
Irvine, CA USA


Preface: This is the fourth sample bottle sent to me by the folks at Tailgate Beer. I cannot tell you why I saved this one for last. As you can see it has a distinctive Tailgate label, and on the label it says little about the brew other than it is 6.2% alcohol by volume.


Appearance: This is a very deep dark red garnet colored beer, almost opaque, topped with a frothy rocky sand tan head. I notice it does not lace appreciably on the glass.


Aroma: At first there is a noticeable prune aroma to this beer, although, you have to go looking for it. The second sensation is a hint of chocolate aroma, that by the third aromatic experience (sniff) was very, very obvious. Between sip and lip the chocolate aroma persisted.


Mouth feel: The mouth feel to this beer is unremarkable, neither too heavy, nor to light; it is sufficient.


Flavor: I experienced neither an obvious malt flavor nor hop flavor. If developing a seamless combination of the two flavors was the point of this beer, it was achieved. It is one of the few beers that I can say, starts out neither hoppy, nor malty and finishes neither hoppy or malty.


Finish: There is very little finish to this beer. It just sort of steps off and isn’t there anymore. However, it does have a mysteriously palate cleansing effect.


Comments: I’m not quite sure what to make of this beer. It is not a traditional amber lager or amber ale, and it doesn’t have the flavors that one associates with either Porter or stout. Its body does not live up to the intensity of its color.


After reviewing the above notes it occurs to me that this would be an ideal session beer. It is not too filling or too flat, its flavor profiles do not demand attention, it’s not a highly alcoholic beer, and it looks damn manly and a glass!



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