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    A recent posting FAILURE TO CONTEMPLATE  promoted the importance of a drinkers initial introduction to a serving of beer.

    Then it is time to consume that subject of our contemplation. Will we drink it? Will we take the time and effort to analyze the aroma, flavor, mouth-feel and after-taste? Or will we slake our thirst, enjoying the refreshing, sparkling, intoxicating chilled beverage? Do we have to make that distinction? Cheers!

    As there is a place and time conducive to full enjoyment of any sensual activity, there is a time and place for the tasting or the drinking of beer.

    The latter is done in a casual, comfortable environment, especially a social environment such as a bar, tavern, pub, house-party, clam bake, cook-out and watching sporting events. The object of drinking beer is to refresh both body and soul as well as encourage less inhibited conversation and social interactions. The quantity of the beverage is of more importance than the quality of the product.

    The former is done in as much of a controlled, contemplative environment. The object is to analyze the appearance, aromatics and flavors that the beverage exhibits and presents to the exploring sampler. No more than two ounces of five different samples should be “tasted” in any one session. More than that dulls and confuses the sensory receptors.

    All of that noted, it is obvious that a short “tasting” can be done prior to some enjoyable “drinking”. However, the chance of any accurate “tasting” being done after “drinking” is doubtful.

    Over the next few years there will be postings on this site that will pertain to both “tasting” and “drinking” and each will be prominently labeled as one or the other.

    Whichever the posting, the most important thing I hope to convey is the importance of enjoying the event. Drinking and its social energy are, I believe, essential to life. The knowledge gained from a “tasting” will add to the enjoyment of drinking that beer in a social situation and so also becomes essential to life.

    Comments are solicited.





    BREWS & NEWS 28 JUNE 2016

    Cruz Blanca review: Great tacos and beer, awkward service at Bayless' brewpub

    Chicago Tribune

     - ‎Jun 17, 2016‎

    “Is Rick Bayless taunting us with Cruz Blanca? He made his name by opening Mexican restaurants that only briefly addressed tacos in favor of highlighting unique regional dishes - think of the complex moles at Frontera and the crackly crusted tortas at ...”

    Love for crafting beer leads to new Onalaska brewpub

    La Crosse Tribune

     - ‎Jun 25, 2016‎

    “The brewpub also sells growlers of its own beers, as well as bottled beer from other breweries. And it serves wine from local wineries and other small wineries, as well as spirits from small-batch distilleries in the region.”


    Triple Rock to open expanded brewpub in August


     - ‎Jun 20, 2016‎

    “In 2012, we announced that the brewery had made plans to build a two-story building next door to the brewpub, which is currently located at 1920 Shattuck, and to expand the brewpubs operations across both buildings.”


    WILDOMAR: Proposed microbrewery break back on tap


     - ‎Jun 24, 2016‎

    “With the scaled down size of what would be allowed, water consumption by a microbrewery should be no greater than a landromat, which is allowed in commercial zones, officials said.”


    West Chester microbrewery plans to expand

    Hamilton Journal News

     - ‎Jun 22, 2016‎

    “Chris Frede (left) and Tony Meyer opened their nanobrewery, DogBerry Brewing, on Cincinnati-Dayton Road in West Chester Twp. in 2015 and plan to expand by opening a larger location at 9964 Crescent Park Drive in West Chester.”


    Wynkoop Brewing Will Stop Packaging Beer and Selling Kegs Outside the Brewpub


     - ‎Jun 23, 2016‎

    “Seven years after it began canning, the Wynkoop Brewing Company has decided to stop packaging its beers or selling them to bars and restaurants outside of the brewpub and the Wynkoop's sister restaurants. That means there will be no more six-packs of ...”


    Zoning board approves plans for Dubuque microbrewery

    Dubuque Telegraph Herald

     - ‎Jun 24, 2016‎

    “Plans for a microbrewery in Dubuque's historic Millwork District once bottled up amid concerns from surrounding property owners received city approval Thursday.”






    This is a picture of a mouth chilling, rinsing tired senses with refreshment of bright straw-yellow nectar and anticipation of a moment of relaxation and reflection, a special moment of contemplation.

    It is offered so that you may take a moment to call to mind that particular time and place and beer that gave you a similar sensation, but in reality not remembrance.

    It is offered in order to remind you that every beer you drink is unique in the dictionary definition. That is to say, it is like no other beer will be. Should you have the inn-keeper draw you a preceding draft from the same keg and the same tap into the same glass placed in exactly the same place on the bar as the first serving it would taste different no matter the style or brewery. This is because your senses have already been exposed to that combination and they will lose interest in the obvious flavors and blend them with any new sensations. The fact that it is a second serving and the effects of that cannot be overlooked but will not be explored at this time.

    Returning to that moment when the first beer of the day appears before you, may you turn off your mobile cell phone and call to mind the above picture and the words preceding this sentence.

    May you take a moment, either in a quiet laid-back bar or a crowded pub, whether on a patio of in a cozy nook, whether with friends or flying solo, to look at the beverage in front of you and enjoy the looks of it, the reasons for anticipation, the color, condensation on the glass, and thick, rich head of white foam.

     Do this and you will never be found guilty of failure to contemplate.









    Brenner Brewing Co. | Butterfly Farts | citrus ale | Milwaukee, WI
    Arcadia Brewing Co. | Cheap Date | session ale | Kalamazoo, MI
    Perrin Brewing Co. | Grapefruit IPA | Comstock Park, MI
    Public House Brewing Co. | Thorn & Heat Strawberry Wheat Ale | St. James, MO
    Burnt City Brewing | Retrofit Lime Radler | Chicago, IL
    Fiction Beer Co. | Do Not Touch the Flamingos | apricot saison | Denver, CO
    Meadowlark Brewing | Teddy Roosevelt American Badass | oak-aged imperial wheat IPA | Sidney, MT
    Kannah Creek Brewing Co. | Apricot Sour | Grand Junction, CO
    Squatters Craft Beers | Bumper Crop Honey Lavender Ale | Salt Lake City, UT
    Carver Brewing Co. | Garden Brau Hefeweizen | Durango, CO
    Dogfish Head | Festina Peche | neo-Berliner Weisse | Milton, DE
    Cricket Hill Brewing Co. | Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale | Belgian blond session | Fairfield, NJ
    Spellbound Brewing | Peach IPA | Mount Holly, NJ
    Coronado Brewing Co. | Berry the Hatchet | ale brewed with berries | Coronado, CA
    High Water Brewing | Cucumber Kolsch | Pittsburg, CA
    Tin Roof Brewing Co. | Not Too Sweet Watermelon Wheat | Baton Rouge, LA
    SweetWater Brewing Co. | Goin’ Coastal IPA with Pineapple | Atlanta, GA
    Avondale Brewing Co. | Strawberry Kolsch | Birmingham, AL




    Now that the temperature is on the rise, and summer is on the way, the thirst for beer is growing, especially beers with lower alcohol by volume.

    Originating in the United Kingdom, the “Shandy” is a drink based on equal measures of lager beer and a sparkling soft drink. The most popular soft drinks used are carbonated lemon drink, ginger beer, ginger ale. The proportions are adjusted to taste, usually half-and-half.

    The drink goes by the following monikers as well, depending on the part of the world where it is enjoyed.


    Biermischgetränke ("beer-based mixed drinks") uses German-style carbonated lemonade.


    Radler (German for "cyclist") commonly consists of a 50:50 mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade. The credit for introducing this drink to Germans has been credited to Munich innkeeper Franz Xaver Kugler in 1922. Radler popular in all of Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Netherlands, and Romania.


    A ''Panaché (French for mixed) is a draft beer mixed with carbonated lemonade usually containing less than 1% alcohol by volume. A panaché with a shot of grenadine syrup added is called a "Monaco".


    Australian variant 1/2 and 1/2 Stout and Lemonade (traditionally Coopers Best Extra Stout).


    A shandygaff is an older British name for beer mixed with ginger beer or ginger ale; the earliest written record of the word dates back to 1853.

    Kip Lin

    In Singapore, a 50/50 mix of lager and Tonic water is known as a Kip Lin, named after the architect and architectural historian Lee Kip Lin (1925 – 2011) believed to have invented it.


    For more views on this refreshing summer combination see the following…


    Beer Advocate

    The Huffington Post

    Men’s Journal