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      Attention Homebrewers…

      The summer is almost over and it’s time to get back to brewing the beers we will be drinking over the holidays. recently installed the “Sip, Taste & Brew” series of beer tastings.

      The following were presented during the summer and are now offered to tempt you to try something different this brewing season.

      First of all was…… Sip, Taste & Brew… (Magic Hat Dream Machine I.P.L.)…

      Next came…… Sip, Taste & Brew (Grand Teton Bone Warmer Imperial Amber Ale) …

      I’m thinking of trying out this one…… Sip, Taste & Brew… (Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner)…

      And the latest challenge…… Sip, Taste & Brew…  (Seas the Day India Pale Lager)…

      Looking forward will be the last of the summer beers… Pilsner Urquell, Labatt Blue & Budweiser.

      Brew on!



      BeerBasics visits... Dead Rabbit

      It was a warm, make that hot and humid, early mid-week afternoon. I was over dressed, in turtle neck shirt, wool jacket and winter-weight felt fedora. I had neglected to include the tourist-induced pedestrian congestion on the Brooklyn Bridge in my calculation of how long it would take to walk the couple of miles into Manhattan to the Dead Rabbit. There it was where I had an appointment with a beer and another member of the Norwich University Corps of Cadets. Late reporting to post was at least ten demerits.

      The fates were with me and he forgot the tourist-induced World Trade Center Memorial congestion between the ferry dock on the west side and the rendezvous point.

      Contact was made and a goodly number of beers slaked both thirst and tourist-toleration.

      The following is a one minute visit to the Dead Rabbit Grocery (first floor in the back) & Grog (where we will be) and restraint (upstairs)…

      Sep102014 visits… Davidson Brothers Brewery

      I’ll let Rick Davidson tell you in his own words… or you can visit the Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery website for yourself… But then you’ll miss the video later.

       The Davidson Brothers History...

      “It was in the fall of 1993, during a visit to Baltimore, that my brothers Paul, John and I wandered into our first brewpub, Bill Oliver’s Wharf Rat. The ales were terrific and with every pint we drank we became more convinced we should start our own brewpub. After returning home to Glens Falls, John and I (recalling how convinced those ales made us) began to look into brewpubs, the microbrewing revolution, and our market.”

      “We enjoyed two years of due diligence, researching the Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs markets and visiting many brewpubs and microbreweries.”

      “In February of 1996, John and I, with the moral support of a dozen close friends, took the chance of a lifetime and made the winning bid on the building at 184 Glen Street in Glens Falls. We were officially in the brewpub business and Davidson Brothers Restaurant & Brewery opened to the public on October 14, 1996.”

      “I’d always thought that after everything it took to get the thing off the ground, I’d be overcome with emotion when that first dollar crossed the bar. But I was too busy.”

      “We used that first dollar to buy more barley.”

      “Been busy ever since.”

      Rick Davidson,

      Brewer and Owner

      Are you still with me?

      On a fine spring Saturday afternoon stopped in Davidson Brothers and stayed for a few beers.

      The video below tells that story…


      Beer IS for Breakfast

      For as long as I can remember the phrase has been bantered about that “Beer is not just for breakfast anymore!”

      I will admit that in my checkered past there were a few Sunday mornings when, to quote Jonny Cash, “…the beer I had for breakfast tasted good, so I had one for desert.” That admitted; let me assure you that those two-course breakfasts have not been a part of my culinary regimen for quite some time.

      Nevertheless, as a part of a balanced diet of fat, salt, sugar and beer, I have recently had the pleasant opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of the state of New Hampshire. In that fine state it is possible to enter a restaurant on a Sunday morning and begin breakfast with a beaker of liquid bread. Allow me to elaborate…

       The following series of illustrations make a very strong case for the observation that beer is a most acceptable part of a balanced-diet (see above) breakfast.

      First of all is the refreshing rehydration that is necessary after a good night’s slumber.

      Next, beer has the ability to add a touch of hop-tang contrast to the flavors of sweet and salty. Balancing these flavors is an important aspect in determining the best breakfast menu selections.

      Finally, beer either adds to the smooth entry into another fabulous day of opportunity, or reinforces the necessary resolve needed to turn a day with lack of promise into a day to be later appreciated as a valuable learning experience.



      Brews and News Latest Word…


      Gordon Biersch Brewing Co. unveils new packaging for all beers and intros Golden Export Helles style lager

      San Jose, CA (August 25, 2014) – As Gordon Biersch Brewing Company continues celebrating its 25th anniversary, the company today unveiled a new look for its collection of heritage, German-style craft beers with updated bottles and box packaging and introduced its second 25th anniversary beer, Golden Export Lager.

      Coming on the heels of Gordon Biersch 25th Anniversary Dunkles, Golden Export is a German blonde helles style lager created in keeping with techniques Dortmunder breweries employed for the style in the mid-1800s. The “export” was added when beers of this style were shipped out of the region to other German states.

      What: Golden Export Lager

      ABV: 4.9%

      IBU: 17

      Flavor profile: light, delicately hopped with a soft, malty accent, and clean, crisp finish

      Pairs with: Spicy, high impact flavored cuisine

      Golden Export will initially be available year round in six packs in Northern California, Hawaii, and Nevada ranging between $8.99 and $9.99 per six pack


      Like Golden Export, Gordon Biersch’s four year-round beers – Märzen, Hefeweizen, Pilsner, Blonde Bock – and four seasonals – Maibock, SommerBrau, FestBier, Winterbock – are brewed at the company’s state of the art  San Jose brewery and bottling facility in the traditional German style reflective of founder Dan Gordon’s studies at the Technical University of Munich at Weihenstephan.

      Each new bottle is now emblazoned with colorful new neck, front, and back labels, and cap, a different hue corresponding to each brew. The “G” in the circular “GB” Gordon Biersch logo with the familiar barley stock icon is also toned to match the new color scheme.  The crown caps are the first of their kind featuring a de-bossed, textured logo.

      “The goal was to create packaging that spoke to our commitment and dedication to producing heritage, German-style beers with all natural ingredients and applying age old techniques with the benefit of the most state-of-the-art brewing technology,” said Gordon. “We always brew according to the German purity law of 1516, called the Reinheitsgebot, which stipulates the use of only malt and hops and natural carbonation.”

      The new bottles are available at off-premise accounts wherever Gordon Biersch products are sold.

      For more information on Gordon Biersch Brewing Co, the brewery, and all its beers, visit


      From Chelsea, Michigan…

      Meet Nathan Hukill — the owner of Chelsea's newest micro-microbrewing facility The Chelsea Standard  
      CHELSEA — Microbreweries have been all the rage for a few years now, but Ann Arbor brewer Nathan Hukill shrinks the microbrewery concept to ...

      Canada has good brewing news…

      First Word: Cheers! Even More Craft Beer On Its Way: Steel Toad Brewpub Opening Soon Eater Vancouver via Yahoo! Canada News  
      Another contender for the title of Vancouver's newest brew pub is about to throw their hat in the ring: step forward Steel Toad Brewing ...

      A Victory in PA…

      PA's Victory Brewing Company Targets Downtown Leesburg For Next Expansion Leesburg Today
      The developers of Courthouse Square in downtown Leesburg today announced a significant victory in landing tenants for the 112,000-square-foot ...

      Additional information…

      Victory Brewing Company is a craft brewery headquartered in Downingtown, Pennsylvania. Founded by childhood friends, Bill Covaleski and Ron Barchet, who met on a school bus in 1973, Victory officially opened its doors in February of 1996. In addition to the original Downingtown brewery and brewpub, Victory recently opened a second state-of-the-art brewery in Parkesburg, PA. To learn more about Victory Brewing Company visit

      More news from the Keystone State…

      Two brew pubs prepare to open in Kennett Square  
      Kennett Square, a borough in Chester County known mostly for its mushrooms, will add craft beer to its list of permanent attractions this ...

      A new look at Mendocino…

      Mendocino Brewing Company Launches New Look for Their Craft Beers PR Newswire via Yahoo! Canada Finance
      UKIAH, Calif., Sept. 4, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Mendocino Brewing Company marks its 31st year of brewing fine craft ales with the launch of a ...

      Can you say… “Session Beer”?

      New brews are lighter in alcohol, full in flavor Nuvo  
      Half Moon just brought out its golden-hued seasonal Heavenly Hefeweizen made from a 50/50 blend of wheat malt and barley malt for a light yet ...

      Chicago is Vice city again…

      Eater Inside: Look Inside Chicago's Newest Brewpub, Opening Today in the South Loop Eater Chicago via Yahoo! News
      [Photos: Marc Much] After a couple of false starts, and a soft opening this past weekend, Vice District Brewing Co. is officially opening its ...

      Oregon Knocks…

      Hard Knocks opens for business Cottage Grove Sentinel  
      So just what’s in a name? If you’re the owners of Cottage Grove’s newest brewpub, the answer may just be ‘a lot,’ or perhaps ‘too much.’

      Can you bare Nevada Craft Beer?

      There's a Craft Brewery/Strip Club Now, Because of Course There Is Tucson Weekly
      I suppose it was inevitable, considering strip clubs generally serve beer and craft beer seems to be running its more commercial cousins off ...



      Hood River Hops Fest Announces 2014 Line-Up

      Hood River, Ore. — September 4, 2014 — Hood River will play host to more than 40 local, regional and national breweries showcasing their fresh hop beers at the 11th annual Hood River Hops Fest on Saturday, September 27, 2014, with more than 65 different beers on tap, this one-day craft beer festival features one of the largest fresh hop beer selections in the nation.

      New to the Hops Fest this year are several local and regional breweries, including Thunder Island Brewing, Terminal Gravity Brewing and Wild Ride Brewing. They join Full Sail Brewing, pFriem Family Brewers, Double Mountain Brewery, Everybody’s Brewing, Big Horse Brew Pub, Backwoods Brewing, Solera Brewery and many other perennial favorites.

      “Hood River will be hoppin’ on September 27, and we’re excited to welcome all the outstanding breweries and fresh hops beer lovers to festival. With its 360-degree views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and the Columbia River Gorge, we think we’ve got one of the most gorge-ous beer festivals around, and we invite our visitors to make a weekend of it,” said Mike Glover, Executive Director of the Hood River County Chamber of Commerce.

      MORE INFORMATION: Call the Hood River County Chamber of Commerce at (541) 386-2000 or visit the official Hood River Hops Fest Website and Facebook page.


      The World Beer Festival—Durham celebrates local breweries

      September 3, 2014 – Durham, NC - The World Beer Festival—Durham, to be held Saturday, October 11th at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, proudly released its 2014 line-up, boasting an array of local breweries and brewpubs.

      The 2014 festival will feature the largest North Carolina Beer Garden in World Beer Festival history. “We started the North Carolina section of the festival a few years ago as a way to point out our local breweries” adds Harold. “It has grown substantially with so many new breweries popping up in the Triangle and in the State, and we are proud to display such a large number at this year’s festival.”

      The festival will be held on October 11, 2014 at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park, and offers two sessions, 12-4 p.m. and 6-10 p.m.

      Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased online at or at Sam’s Bottle Shop and Sam’s Quik Shop in Durham.

       # # #



      OCTOBER 17, 1989 - OCTOBER 17, 2014

      On Friday, October 17, 2014 Pike Brewing celebrates its 25th anniversary.

      Please join us for the parade and party!

      5:30 - 6:00 pm              Friday, October 17, 2014          

      2nd World's Shortest Non-Motorized Uphill Parade begins at Copperworks Distillery:         

      1250 Alaskan Way, Seattle (just across the street from The Big Wheel)

      6:00 - 10:00 pm            Pike Anniversary Party

      Food Stations: Featuring dishes using ingredients sourced from some of our favorite vendors:

      •           Pike's Naughty Nellie Room

      •           Pike's Microbrewery Museum

      •           Pike Brewery

      Oysters and Stout: New Oyster Bar opens that evening in Pike's Front Bar

               Music: Musical Acts will be performing throughout the Pub and Brewery

              Special Beers:

      •           Pike Reunion 25, Alumni Collaboration Brew

      •           Pike Entire: Aged in Dry Fly wheat whiskey barrels

      •           Pike Wood-Aged Kilt Lifter aged in Oola whiskey barrels

      •           Special Cask Beers from Alumni Brewers

      •           All available Pike Beers at Pike's Main Bar and Pike's Museum Bar

      Commemorative gift for each guest

      Space will be limited so we suggest you purchase tickets early.

      Tickets available online at Brown Paper Tickets  Brown Paper Tickets  


      Click on logo to go there…