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      THE BEST OF 2014



      As the end of this year approaches, I would like to present the best of the postings of 2014, just in case you missed any one of them.

      The following is a presentation of the top five videos of 2014:



      A visit to Druthers in Saratoga Springs…



      Next is a visit to Gritty’s of Portland, ME



      Formula One driver James Hinchcliffe tells how he discovered craft beer…



      A visit to Davidson Bros. Brewery in Glens Falls, NY



      A visit to the Dead Rabbit Grocery & Grog on a hot summer day topped them all…




      On Remembrance Day this year I had the opportunity to chat with Hinchcliffe about Hammer Down, beer in general, food and Formula One.

      It was a quiet late-afternoon at the Waterfront Alehouse on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.

      How he discovered good beer...

      His favorite beers...

      How "Hammer Down" will be marketed in Canada and US...

      How he got into raceing...


      The Hinchtown “Hammer Down” Golden Ale story…


      In 2011, James Hinchcliffe, a 28-year- old Canadian race car driver from Oakville, Ontario currently competing in the IndyCar Series, met Sean O'Connor, CEO of Indianapolis brewery  Flat 12 Bierworks. Soon after they began brewing Hinchtown Hammerdown Golden Ale, named after the self-proclaimed Mayor of Hinchtown   (

      Over the past four years, what started as a local craft beer only available on tap in Indianapolis during the month of May (in homage to the Greatest Spectacle in Racing) -- is now available in both cans and kegs all year throughout all of Indiana and Tennessee and will expand to Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky and parts of Canada in 2015.

      Sales grew 211% from 2012-2013 and another 249% from 2013-2014, with total beer production in 2014 estimated to be between 10-12,000 31 gallon barrels.

      The Rest of the Story...


      Brews & News 18 November 2014



      A Funny Little Beer Story - Bifrost replaced our original winter ale, Valkyrie, in the seasonal rotation shortly after our dishwasher drank four pints of it, was cut off and threw a glass at the bartender. Billy was the first person we fired.  In an age when winter beers were invariably dark, and often spiced, Bifrost was like a ray of strong sunshine.

      With lots of pale malt augmented only by a little 77° crystal and some Munich malt, Bifrost is a strong pale ale with a good amount of hop character (55 IBU, bittered with Simcoe and finished with a combination of Amarillo, East Kent Goldings and Styrian Goldings). Its name, however wintry it might sound, comes from the rainbow bridge linking Asgard, the Norse realm of the gods, with Earth. ABV 7.5%



      Cheers! Gulfport's first brewery brings new beer

      GULFPORT -- The fermenters and bright tanks have been delivered, the brewhouse is on the way, and the tap room is under construction at Gulfport's first beer brewery. (READ MORE)

      Orpheus cans launch, Georgia gets first packaged sour beer

      Orpheus Brewing makes Georgia beer history today, releasing the Peach State's first packaged sour beer, Atalanta. The brewery's popular tart plum Saison (CL's 2014 Best of Atlanta critics pick for Best New Beer) rolls out in aluminum cans along with Lyric Ale, a slightly hoppy, dry Saison. Both will be packaged as six packs available at area stores such as Hop City on the Westside, Marietta's Sprayberry Bottle Shop, and Doraville's Tower Beer, Wine & Spirits.” (READ MORE)


      Ingenious Tap System Serves the Perfect Beer Every Time Wired News  
      Different beers require different gas levels. So Los Angeles brewpub owner Gabe Gordon built his own system to regulate the pressure and ...

      Emmaus council OKs Funk Brewing Company brewpub and tasting room The Morning Call  
      Emmaus Borough Council voted Monday to allow Funk Brewing Company to open a brewpub and tasting room to complement its beer brewing and ...

      AEDC chief says microbreweries aid a city’s ‘cool’ factor Arkansas News Bureau  
      FORT SMITH — Arkansas craft beer is in a favorable position with the Arkansas Economic Development Commission .

      Ingenious Tap System Serves the Perfect Beer Every Time Wired News  
      Different beers require different gas levels. So Los Angeles brewpub owner Gabe Gordon built his own system to regulate the pressure and ...

      Best Bars To Get Local Beer In Chicago CBS Chicago  -
      Whether you're checking out Chicago on a trip or just enjoy savoring your local beverages, here are five of the best places in the city to ...



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      Portsmouth Brewery News: November 2014